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My MUGEN characters

Here we are in this site about my MUGEN characters. Well, my characters are created but mostly, I have WIPs and my edited characters for my MUGEN stuff. So, here we are in my MUGEN characters, especially edited characters.

Character                                   Percentage           Status

 Custom Kung Fu Man          100%                   Download

  Bill Rizer                            100%                   Download

 Kung Fu Bender                   100%                  Download

 Cyborg Kung Fu Man            100%                  Download

 Omega Tiger Woods              91%                   Download

 Funny Kung Fu Man                0%                   W.I.P

 Android Kung Fu Man              0%                   W.I.P

 Master Kung Fu Man               0%                   W.I.P

 Kung Fu Ikarius                     10%                   W.I.P.

My W.I.P. characters

Here we are in my W.I.P. characters for MUGEN. So, need to rip the sprites, sounds, codes and something that are required for my MUGEN characters. Anyway, this content is about my W.I.P. characters in MUGEN.

This is my W.I.P. character, Pikachoy.

Exactly, my character Pikachoy requires ripped sprites by using Photoshop programs like Adobe Paintshop, soundpacks and something that I need for my requirement of my W.I.P. character Pikachoy. LOL!

mmpaperguy1 reminds me that I'm going to edit GM's Alex into real Alex (tssm/That sexy, sexy man).