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MUGEN stuff

Here we are in MUGEN stuff. In this site, I have hosted MUGEN stuff, hosted MUGEN game engines and misc. Well, here we are in this site.

What happened to the old website "No_limit_Winmugen_patch"? It seems that it was ended to the public and change the name from the old one into "Unofficial Winmugen". Click the link here in what happend to No_limit_Winmugen_patch?:


The website of Unofficial Winmugen is in Japanese. Need to translate with Google toolbar!

Instead of the old website "No_limit_Winmugen_patch" or Unofficial Winmugen, go and download MUGEN game engines here in this website if you want to download!

No_limit_Winmugen_patch (Winmugen):

This is the non-DOS or window version of DOS MUGEN. It was released in 2002 by Elecbyte, but 1.0 is a better version of Winmugen and it requires wide screen monitors instead or something required due to the system requirements of MUGEN 1.0. Later on, there's many versions in MUGEN game engines.

Here we are in these screenshots:

The screenshot of the main menu in Winmugen.

After the select screen if you selected characters or stages, the VS screen will appear before fight screen in this screenshot of Winmugen.

Winmugen: Download


Oh crap! This is DOS game. If you want Winmugen(non-DOS or window form), just download Winmugen. If you want DOS mugen that it is compatible with some classic windows OS or DOS, you can download it according to system requirements for DOS like in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. This DOS version of MUGEN was released in 1999 then 2001 but later on befroe the release of Windows version of Winmigen. You need to download DOSbox first before you play DOS version of MUGEN.

DOS MUGEN: Download


Wow! This game have wide screen resolution and needs wide screen monitor or something according to the system requirements! This version is the latest release of MUGEN!

The better look of this screenshot:

Wow! Nice screenshot of MUGEN 1.0!

These choices that you want below.

Download MUGEN 1.0 in Elecbyte website here:



Download MUGEN 1.0 here in my website below:

MUGEN 1.0: Download

IBUKAH's MUGEN_readme.zip: Download

EKFM MK. II's sound pack: Download

My palette edits of Dee Bee Kaw by The_None (character from Logical Bends required): Download

Super Street Fighter 4 English voicepack: Download

Be sure that every SND files are required to have characters and their following authors:

- Mr. I's SSF4 Cody

- Werewood's SSF4 Juri

- GM's Ibuki

- NHK's Makoto

- Demon's Eye's Makoto

- Phantom of the Server's Guy

- Dick Buckus' Dudley

- Gou-San's Cody 

- Cannon Musume's Cody 

See also in readme file.