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Hey Mugen, I'm not like you but i am not from U.S.A. or etc. I'm 9 years old and have a bro 18 years old.  I live in singapore and learn chinese from sembawang primary. BTW I have rare char to trade with you so i will send them as links. You must also send your chars as links. PM me if you want to see my real face. Don't tell your bros,sis,mum,dad,and any other relatives and close friends. The awesome face is for my awesomeness. Some words i can not spell and i have speak singlish(Broken english) sorry if i said some.8) I'm a pro player so if you want to play mugen 1.0 tell me (Don't give me winmugen its buggy and laggy.) And have character giveaways so i will post characters on my profile comments. If you need my email here it is. [email protected] PM me for my password but no spamming. 

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30 years old
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22 years old
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I love worms

Site Owner
23 years old
About Me

My name is Axl Jet Eno Lee R. Baños and I was born in September 14, 1996. I live in General Santos City.

My e-mail is: [email protected]

And my website is: http://axljetswebs.webs.com

My favorite language is American English, but i learn more a little, german, japanese, chinese, spanish and bisaya.

that's rabbitgentleman, in order my words, that's me. :)

20 years old
About Me

MUGEN char tester and maybe editor... also a troll.

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44 years old
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About Me

I relly really ,need to get the original mm_tssm.

I know he was hosted on the web for real.

A sense doom deeper in my subconcious is telling me to quit looking and creating, but what else can i do then move forward, gotta find the exit, gotta find the exit, gotta find the exit gotta find the exit.

About Me

I 'm guy willing to learn more on MUGEN!

deathnintendo.webs.com thats our site location!

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