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Welcome to Axl Jet's Webs

Hey everyone, It's June! We're going back to school for weekdays but on weekends, I'm going back to the internet immediately. So I have my WIPs for MUGEN that I have to plan just like my edit of OTW to compare many versions and Android Kung Fu Man (Yep, that's my EKFM/DKFM edit). Oh! I got something that I have! I'm going to have my WIPs to make with Game Maker 8 pro like Space Warrior, SVR, Denizone, Star Raid and Staruss.

So I will not go back to the internet during school days on weekdays but don't worry, I'll go back to the internet on my computer on weekends, holidays, after school on friday or someday.

So bring out your school supplies and enjoy!

Other updates that I consider

I made the first MUGEN stage called Sand Desert because I edited from Mecha Scorpio's ground within the stage. Oh I got 2 topics in forum section, Hosted MUGEN characters and My MUGEN stages.

I got an upcoming Game Maker game called Armor Battler, so I'm going to make it before I release it.