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Welcome to my website "Axl Jet's webs"!

Well, this is my website called "Axl Jet's webs" that I have it here. My stuff in this website are explainations, MUGEN and games. So, it's fun to visit my website! Having fun for this!

Custom Kung Fu Man(CKFM) was released!!



The portrait of CKFM looks like Kung Fu Man!

My character CKFM was released because I uploaded my MUGEN character! So, download him at "MY MUGEN CHARACTERS"! Now, this character was released right now. This character was found in "MY MUGEN CHARACTERS" button at the upper part of my website. Well, i've edited from Most_mysterious' Evil Kung Fu Man, Garionfeld's Dirty Fu Man, Most_mysterious' Kung Fu Bender, Elecbyte's Kung Fu Man and myself that I created because I created this character that I uploaded in the file manager in this website during summer vacation! But his AI needs improving because he have improving AI without AI patch about my character "Custom Kung Fu Man" that he have! Well, CKFM is my character with improving AI of course!

CKFM have special intros against the original KFM, Suave Dude, Hatsune Miku, Ryu, some girls and some characters, but CKFM have warning alarm during his intro or special intro against cheating/retarded/dumb characters when some of them are nearby to activate Kung Fu Bender's secret weapon against cheating/retarded/dumb characters. Here we are in these screenshots of CKFM:

These portraits of CKFMs are look like Kung Fu Man.

Custom Kung Fu Men have fighting stands.


Some CKFM's moves are similar to KFM's.

CKFM uses Rugal Excusion, this move is similar to EKFM's, EKFM MK.II's, Rugal's and classic DKFM.

CKFM uses Insta-kill switch, that move is similar to some Guilty Gear character that can transform into it before the ulitimate move like Ambush.

CKFM uses Ambush after Insta-kill switch!

CKFM bows after he uses Ambush when he is the Insta-kill mode.

CKFM also have special win poses for some characters like Ryu etc. then, he have win KO effect and lose KO effects, these 2 KO effects! What else? CKFM have intro storyboard that I edited Evil Kung Fu Man's intro storyboard and classic Dirty Kung Fu Man's intro storyboard but his ending storyboard is missing as well like EKFM's storyboard and classic DKFM's storyboard. So download him like I said.

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Recent Updates

12/20/2012 - I added Facebook like button and Twitter Tweet button at the sidebar.

My character from Contra series, "Bill Rizer"!

Oh men! My character "Bill Rizer" looks like NES version but these sprites are edited by Kazmer13. Kazmer13 created dumb MK characters that they're glitchy as cheap characters like Actarus and GooGoo64. The site of Kazmer13 is here in the link:

Some Kazmer13's characters are have Mortal Kombat 1(Sega CD version) music when they did they're finishing moves for win poses of Kazmer13's MK characters include Chun-li. But Timson(timson622222) told me that those Kazmer13's characters are glitchy in how Kazmer13's characters sucked? Anyway, my character that I edited from Kazmer13's Mad Dog "Bill Rizer", he's renamed from Kazmer13's original Contra character Mad Dog. Here we are in this portrait of my edited Contra character "Bill Rizer":

Bill Rizer looks like NES version of Contra but same as Arcade version for the different Contra games. But without Contra character "Lance Bean", very different.

Download him at "MY MUGEN CHARACTERS" button at the upper part of my website as link like I said. Well, he's too small due to his character size that he's from NES version of Contra as arcade version.

MUGEN versions in MUGEN stuff in my website!

Well, we have MUGEN versions in "MUGEN STUFF"! Ok, I have MUGEN versions of these games are Winmugen, DOS MUGEN and MUGEN 1.0, include 1 add-on, IBUKAH's file to download in "MUGEN STUFF"! So, go to "MUGEN STUFF" if you want to download some MUGEN versions like Winmugen and MUGEN 1.0!

Kung Fu Bender has released for MUGEN!

I edited Kung Fu Bender from those original authors, Most_Mysterious and Silver. Well, I improved anything that Most_Mysterious forgot due to the list like activating his secret weapon when the cheap characters are there in the stage, but the rashamon backround needs improving because of axis due to the screen(screenshot below).

Invaderoid(inspired from Space Invaders) has released!

Sorry for this late update. Anyway, my game Invaderoid has released because it was made with Game Maker 8. Also this game was inspired Space Invaders, Invadazoid, Atomanders and Gyruss that I made this game. So you go to "GAMES" page at the upper part of this website.

No more April fooling around!


Oh hey folks! Say hello to Mr. KFM's genetic masterpiece, KFM MK.II(a.k.a. Cyborg KFM or Cyborg Kung Fu Man)! He's actually my W.I.P. because this character is not released yet if I have updates for him. Anyway, this is an edit of EKFM MK.II.


"I'm back and I'm nak(for short)!"

Happy mothers' day on May!

I have a character that I gonna make is Oemag Tiger Woods, it's originally created by Most_Mysterious, 2005 updates by The_Non and 2008 updates by Garionfeld. I'm going to compare them and edit him for 2011-2012 edit of OTW.

I have a W.I.P game that I gonna make with Game Maker 8 is SVR(stands for Star Voyager Raptor). A horizontal scrolling shooting game that I inspired from In The Hunt(Kaitei Dandensou in Japan), Gradius, Defender and Star Gate.

Back to school, guys!

Hey everyone, It's June! We're going back to school for weekdays but on weekends, I'm going back to the internet immediately. So I have my WIPs for MUGEN that I have to plan just like my edit of OTW to compare many versions and Android Kung Fu Man (Yep, that's my EKFM/DKFM edit). Oh! I got something that I have! I'm going to have my WIPs to make with Game Maker 8 pro like Space Warrior, SVR, Denizone, Star Raid and Staruss.

So I will not go back to the internet during school days on weekdays but don't worry, I'll go back to the internet on my computer on weekends, holidays, after school on friday or someday.

So bring out your school supplies and enjoy!

Other updates that I consider

I made the first MUGEN stage called Sand Desert because I edited from Mecha Scorpio's ground within the stage. Oh I got 2 topics in forum section, Hosted MUGEN characters and My MUGEN stages.

I got an upcoming Game Maker game called Armor Battler, so I'm going to make it before I release it.